Value Added Services and Their Contributions

Value Added Services and Their Contributions


Value-added services (VAS) are one of the most impressive tools of the telecommunications industry. VAS services increase the value of the services offered by mobile services and solutions. With the services of VAS, a company offers its customers new methods of communication and interaction. In this way, it can easily increase its profits at the lowest cost.

Premium numbers include mobile services and solutions such as SMS or VoiP, video messaging and voice messaging. In addition to these services, you can get information about any new services you can think of. You can contact us to get detailed information and clarify the issues related to the services.

 Services, Mobile Services and Solutions Included in VAS

 Mobile services and solutions help you take your business a step ahead in the industry by developing new services for you. In this regard, users only need to imagine. Thanks to competent value-added services, many problems are solved and the work to be done is made easier.

 All services offered with innovation and technology evolve together and always for the better. Today, the developments in the field of information technology open the door to many new conveniences and services. With its mobile services and solutions, the department VAS offers you a complete solution to any problem that arises in your company.

 Value-added services (VAS) help companies increase their productivity. They also play a crucial role in providing a more flexible mobile working environment for their employees and reducing costs.

 VAS is not limited to laptops and smartphones when developing solutions for businesses. At the same time, it covers all environments with applications for vehicle tracking, mobile CRM, supply chain management and mobile health.

 VAS is one of the best in its field with its wide range of products, innovative and high quality services. With more than 10 years of experience in the development field, it produces mobile services and solutions. It helps operators and companies reach their target audience worldwide and significantly increase their profits.

 Mobile Services and Solutions provides mobile operators and companies with appropriate solutions for value-added services. In doing so, it provides support with the most advanced software technology and platform. It also provides the fastest solutions for those who want to bring their new applications to the market. The solutions range from voice messaging, mobile payment and billing, mobile health to wireless CRM and ERP applications. A wide range of VAS products are available.

 Companies can develop much more profitable business models thanks to the VAS services that their mobile services and solutions provide. They can develop more profitable business models just by using existing infrastructures without investing in expensive hardware and software infrastructures.

 Some VAS Solutions for Companies

 There are many VAS solutions suitable for companies. Most important of these are as follows:

- Development and Management of Mobile Applications
- Mobile chat applications
- Moble security
- Mobile payment and commerce
- Fleet Management
- Entertainment Platform

- Music, video and game services
- Wireless CRM & ERP services
- e-Government

- Mobile health applications
- Locations and Tracking
- M2M and Telematic services

 Why do Companies Need to Benefit from Nobile Solutions and VAS?

 Companies should use the services of VAS to manage their business more efficiently and make the most of their business opportunities. Benefits of Mobile solutions and VAS;
- They decrease operational costs.
- They help reduce the customers who add costs to your business.
- They save time.
- They can open up new revenue opportunities for individuals or institutions.

- Most importantly, they improve your service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

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