Amenities Offered by the IVR System (Numbers that Earns on Calls)

Amenities Offered by the IVR System (Numbers that Earns on Calls)


IVR technologies are now capable of handling incoming calls to companies and outgoing calls from companies to customers without the need for staff.

•  What is IVR?

 The IVR system, which stands for Interactive Voice Response, has become a great technology today. IVR is basically divided into two main areas. These are Inbound IVR for incoming calls and Outbound IVR for outgoing calls. When the Inbound IVR and Outbound IVR systems are used in an integrated way, a great call service is created.

•  How Does IVR System Work?

IVR technology routes calls to the right person, menu, department or application by dialing. It provides more automation capabilities with less staffing IVR technologies can allow companies that need to make or answer thousands of calls throughout the day to get their work done without the use of staff. Thanks to software that handles everything that happens here, all these calls can be recorded.

While the maximum number of calls a call center employee can make per day is 40, thousands of calls can be made during the day when IVR is used. Most of the calls made will result in the desired outcome using the dialing method. Calls that need to reach the relevant department can also be routed to those departments. Thus, all incoming calls in the company can be answered around the clock.

•  What Does the IVR Earning Panel Offer to the Users?

 When you use the services of the IVR Panel, the line(s) specific to your company are available to you. You get the service you need with number solutions that earn on calls.

- A voice recording can be created that leads to the subject of the dialing.

 - Many demands can be met on the call.

 - Call forwarding to the customer representative, the responsible department or any phone number.

 - By recording the call, it is possible to call back on the relevant topic.

 - Customer satisfaction surveys and detailed reports can be created by dialing.

 - Thanks to the earning capabilities, high efficiency and profit can be achieved.

 - You can view detailed statistics about your number via the user panel.

IVR technologies are used by many companies today. Individuals and institutions today can perform all transactions made over the phone using IVR technology. There are also companies that adapt IVR technologies to completely different fields. The most important reason why IVR is so widely used is that it is inexpensive and easily accessible.

How Can You Use the IVR Technologies most Effectively?

 What you should consider when using IVR technologies are your needs, the needs of your customers, and your profit rates. For good IVR usage, you should ideally provide analytics for call management.


•  IVR Profits and the Future of IVR Technologies

According to surveys and research, half of the customers who call call-centers say that they prefer to do their work by dialing. Today, more than 50% of large and medium-sized companies use IVR systems. This rate is increasing day by day. As IVR technologies become more advanced and have intelligent features, this rate is expected to increase to 85%.

You can transfer all of your company’s call needs to IVR systems and achieve more work at a lower cost. Thanks to numarabiz’s profit system, users are offered higher minute averages. This allows users to increase their earnings. An automatic payment request is created for broadcasters.

You can contact us to get detailed information about IVR services and to benefit from the services of IVR.

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