What is WordPress Website and How is it Set up?

What is WordPress Website and How is it Set up?


With today’s technology, many people have access to the Internet. As widespread as the use of the Internet is, so is the increase of the website numbers. Thanks to our company, it is not impossible for you to have a website. How to set up a website? First of all, there are two services that you need to use in order to have a website. These services are the domain name and the hosting services.

 It is possible that you will receive these services through us. You can contact us to get more information about hosting and domain services. But to explain briefly: The domain stands for the name of your website, and users type this name into their internet browsers and get to your website. The hosting service, on the other hand, is where all the data, databases and website files that make your website work are hosted. In addition, you should also purchase our WordPress service.

Additional Tools to Use for Websites

 As is well known, Internet sites have become a very necessary need for both organizations and individuals. In line with these growing needs, the popularity and number of pre-built systems for website publishing and design is increasing. These pre-built systems play an important role in creating websites for the needs of individuals in very easy and short time with minimal software knowledge. Thus, these systems have gained their popularity today. If we give an example of the currently popular pre-built website institutions, they are: OpenCart, WordPress and similar systems.

About WordPress

 WordPress is at the top of the pre-built systems used today. What is WordPress? It will be useful to give an explanation for our customers who have questions. WordPress provides everything you need for your pre-built website. WordPress reaches and serves a wide range of audiences today. You can check the WordPress packages configured specifically for your websites with us and start designing your website with excellent performance. All WordPress hosting packages are automatically installed in the usual way. All you need to do is to enter your WordPress user panel and design your website.

Detailed Information About WordPress Service

 WordPress can be defined as a content management system. It is a system that allows website users to create and publish content. Although it was initially focused only on blogging, it has later started to offer services on many topics. In this way, it is possible to benefit from all types of services. It’s up to you to create all sorts of designs for the website with WordPress.

 WordPress, which is very easy to install and use, also offers its users support for many free themes. Thanks to our company, you can be sure that you will receive wordPress services. Moreover, if you want a unique design for your website, you can achieve it with WordPress. Although WordPress offers its services in English, they are available in all sorts of languages.

One of the most important features of WordPress is that it has a structure popular with Google. Also, WordPress has two different systems, although WordPress is mentioned everywhere with a single name. These; wordpress.org and wordpress.com. One of these systems with an org section is used to open a website for free. The other offers a more advantageous service at low fees.

How to Set up WordPress?

 For paid WordPress you need a hosting service and a domain name. You can contact us to get these services. You can also specify that you want to use the free version. In this case, it is enough to follow the steps on the WordPress website. If you use the free version, you will not have your own domain. Apart from that, it is not possible to take advantage of some benefits. That is why it always makes more sense to purchase a paid hosting service and a domain name.

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