The Highest Profit in IVR with NumaraBiz

The Highest Profit in IVR with NumaraBiz


With the highest average minutes, highest connection quality and fastest payment system, NumaraBiz makes money for websites by giving chat advertising lines.

•  High minutes and high profits with NumaraBiz


     Numara, which allows broadcasters to get higher minutes thanks to its high-quality IVR infrastructure, is a reliable system where users can request payouts whenever they want and receive their payments weekly. In the panel where the minutes are tracked instantly, one learns the current balance of the account immediately, and the earnings are transferred to the user's account every Monday. The process that starts with those who want to earn more from the website by becoming a free member and immediately applying for a number continues exponentially with the profits earned.


•  Websites earn more now


     Websites that want to generate revenue by advertising products and services and capture their target customer base now have another source of profit. With chatlines assigned to mobile websites, Numarabiz enables websites to earn more. The Numarabiz panel, which also responds to requests for more than one number, provides users with convenience as all numbers are combined into a single panel. Considering the market share of chatlines, it is possible to make the website revenue much more profitable as a chatline owner.


•  NumaraBiz makes you earn easily


     With the chatline of the websites, the calls of the received numbers become money per minute, and the websites earn more. While Numarabiz’s chat operators, who answer the dialed numbers, chat with visitors, the website is only responsible for the incoming calls of the numbers it receives. Numarabiz is the most popular and easiest way to make money online with mobile advertising. Any website that is a member of the system can earn revenue from its winning numbers.

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